Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Edge Of Extinction

As we face enormous changes in our environment, many of the earth's wild creatures are threatened as never before. This program explores the plight of endangered species in Georgia. Featured animals include the loggerhead sea turtle, American alligator, bald eagle,north Atlantic right whale, wood stork, brown pelican, manatee, red-cockaded woodpecker, robust redhorse and the gopher tortoise.

Runtime: 53:14

From Whaling to Watching: Northern Right Whales

Fewer than 350 northern right whales survive today. This is the most endangered large whale in the world, and this program looks at many of the threats these whales face. Filmed from Nova Scotia to Florida, it features spectacular footage of these rare creatures as they mate, feed, and swim along the East Coast of the United States.

Runtime: 20:40

Georgia's Natural Treasures

By sharing the breathtaking beauty of many special places throughout the state, this short program, with its stirring music and stunning photography, will inspire you to help protect Georgia's natural treasures.

Runtime: 3:30

Okefenokee Swamp

One of the largest wetlands in North America, the Okefenokee Swamp is a vast wilderness unlike anywhere else in the world. This program features breathtaking scenery and aerial views, and provides a close-up look atthe abundance of wildlife found there.

Runtime: 10:16

Precarious Perch: The Wood Stork Story

Remarkable wildlife footage captures the daily routine of this country's only stork. This program explores the reasons for the dramatic decline of wood stork populations in the United States and examines some of the ways scientists are searching for solutions to these problems.

Runtime: 20:52

Prince of Game Birds: The Bobwhite Quail

Through its outstanding wildlife photography, this program traces the life cycle of bobwhite quail. It also shares the excitement and challenge of quail hunting and explores some of the techniques landowners can use to attract more quail to their property.

Runtime: 27:58

Remnants of a Forest

The longleaf pine forest of the southeastern United States is one of North America's most endangered ecosystems. This program explores Georgia's last stands of this extraordinary wildlife habitat.

Runtime: 26:49

Robust Redhorse: The Mystery Fish

More than 100 years after its last reported sighting, a fish long believed to be extinct was rediscovered on the Oconee River in middle Georgia. This program looks at this amazing rediscovery and explores many of the ways scientists are working to save one of the rarest fish species in North America.

Runtime: 25:20

The Road to Extinction: Will We Save the Plants?

Of the more than 3,600 species of plants in this state, almost 250 are on the verge of disappearing in the wild. This program investigates the reasons these plants are being pushed toward extinction and looks at attempts to save them.

Runtime: 27:09

Sapelo: An Island in Time

On Sapelo, vast unspoiled marshes, pristine beaches and maritime forests look much as they did hundreds of years ago. In this program, explore the breathtaking beauty of one of Georgia's undeveloped barrier islands.

Runtime: 16:32

The Struggle for Survival: Georgia's Giant Sea Turtles

Featuring rare footage of sea turtles building nests and laying their eggs, this program shows giant loggerheads as they leave the security of the sea and come ashore to nest. It looks at some of the problems that have pushed sea turtles towards extinction. It also documents ways that scientists are searching for solutions to these problems.

Runtime: 13:27

Sweetwater: A Timeless Place

Just 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park is an oasis of wild beauty with a rich history. This 2,000 acre wilderness has nine miles of hiking trails leading to the scenic river and shoals, and to the ruins of an impressive Civil War mill.

Runtime: 6:46

Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge is one of the largest canyons in the eastern United States. From raging waterfalls to towering rock formations, from clear, deep pools to quiet turns in the river, Tallulah Gorge shares a view of the canyon that few people ever see. It examines the variety of animals and plants that live within the gorge's eight distinct ecosystems, including the endangered persistent trillium. It also traces the impact people have had on the gorge, from the tourist trade of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, to the rock climbers and whitewater kayakers who visit today.

Runtime: 15:40

Where Bears Belong - Black Bears in Georgia

Through the years bears have lost more than 60% of their historic range. And, they've lost some of their natural caution around humans.This programexplores conflicts between people and bears. It looks at simple ways to keep bears away from your home or campsite. And, it follows Department of Natural Resources biologists as they trap and study bears.

Runtime: 17:22

Whitetails: Creatures of the Woods

Through its impressive wildlife photography, this program looks at the complete life cycle of Georgia's whitetailed deer.

Runtime: 28:40

The Wild Turkey

This program traces the complete life cycle of the fascinating wild turkey, one of the most elusive creatures in the Georgia woods. Through its outstanding wildlife photography, it offers an unusual look at an extra-ordinary animal.

Runtime: 28:16