Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Back from the Brink - The Redfish Story

Every year, millions of anglers along the East Coast pit their skills against what’s been called one of the greatest game fish in the southern United States. Red drum, also called channel bass, spottail, or redfish have an appeal that’s hard to explain. But not so long ago, there were serious questions about the future of this valuable fishery. In the 1980’s a popular recipe for blackened redfish had restaurant patrons clamoring for the dish and an increase in commercial fishing operations to meet the demand. This, combined with the pressures created by a growing number of sport fishermen, nearly spelled disaster. Back From the Brink: The Redfish Story tells of the decline,and the remarkable recovery of this popular fish.

Runtime: 25:28

First Time Fishing

When a teen-aged girl reluctantly agrees to take her little brother fishing, she doesn't realize that she'll be teaching him many of the lessons she learned the first time her grandfather took her fishing. Written in a style that's easy understand, First Time Fishing introduces children to the fundamental skills of fishing. Through entertaining and amusing sequences, they learn to cast, to tie a hook on the line, and to put bait on the hook. They also learn importantlessons about sportsmanship and safety.

Runtime: 15:03

The Pleasures of Fishing

You don't have to be an experienced angler to have a good time fishing. And you don't have to be a fisherman at all to enjoy this program. The beauty and warmth of this film show how fishing draws family and friends together.

Runtime: 13:54

Prince of Game Birds: The Bobwhite Quail

Through its outstanding wildlife photography, this program traces the life cycle of bobwhite quail. It also shares the excitement and challenge of quail hunting and explores some of the techniques landowners can use to attract more quail to their property.

Runtime: 27:58

Robust Redhorse: The Mystery Fish

More than 100 years after its last reported sighting, a fish long believed to be extinct was rediscovered on the Oconee River in middle Georgia. This program looks at this amazing rediscovery and explores many of the ways scientists are working to save one of the rarest fish species in North America.

Runtime: 25:20

Underwater Oases: Georgia's Artificial Reefs

Off Georgia's coast, natural reefs cover only about 5% of the entire ocean floor. Since 1972, a system of man-made reefs has increased the habitat and improved the fishing. Visit these artificial reefs to see many of the fish that live there.

Runtime: 27:30

Whitetails: Creatures of the Woods

Through its impressive wildlife photography, this program looks at the complete life cycle of Georgia's whitetailed deer.

Runtime: 28:40

The Wild Turkey

This program traces the complete life cycle of the fascinating wild turkey, one of the most elusive creatures in the Georgia woods. Through its outstanding wildlife photography, it offers an unusual look at an extra-ordinary animal.

Runtime: 28:16